Wisdom Teeth

Unfortunately, many people have problems with wisdom teeth. Very frequently, there is not enough room for them to erupt into the arch normally, or they attempt to come in sideways or have other similar difficulties. They then become impacted, that is, impeded from normal eruption.

If this is the case, our advice is to have them removed at your earliest convenience. Experience has shown that complications from wisdom tooth surgery greatly increase with advancing age. If, however, they can be removed in the late teens or early twenties, complications are much milder and less likely to occur. If they are left alone, as you get older, wisdom teeth can be a source of serious, even life-threatening infections that can swell to close off your breathing or can spread to your brain. Why take those chances when wisdom tooth removal at a young age is such a routine procedure?


Horizontal Impaction is a severe condition that always requires extraction.
Vertical Impaction. In time, vertically impacted teeth may erupt.
Mesial Impaction is the most common condition requiring extraction.
Distal Impaction is when the wisdom tooth is angled back, towards the rear of the mouth


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