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235-20 147th Ave.
Suite 3
Rosedale, NY 11422

Tel: 718. 723. 4878

Howard Beach Location:

90-45 Pitkin Ave.
Ozone Park, NY 11417

Tel: 718. 843. 7551
Deer Park Location:

207 Bayshore Rd.
Deer Park, NY 11729

Tel: 631. 242. 7424

We Make Great Dentistry Affordable

We believe you deserve the best dentistry possible for the best price. That is why we have invested so heavily into cost saving technology. For example our digital x-rays reduce the initial costs of your treatment.

About Dentistry

We believe that we have the obligation and the opportunity to present the best dentistry possible to every patient. Therefore, we educate our patients on the benefits of these treatments.

Please select one:

Video Clips
View video (animation) clips about brushing, flossing, root canal treatments and gum disease.

Interactive Story
A visit to the dentist

Games & Puzzles
Have a good time with a selection of dental related games and puzzles.

Watch 30-second videotape
or animated messages
providing oral health
prevention and treatment information.

ADA Dental Minute Videos
Choose from several educational short dental
related clips. From cosmetic dentistry to dentistry for children.

Keep your smile all of your life
You know that healthy teeth and a bright smile help you look your best. But did you know that healthy teeth also help you speak clearly? And that your diet and digestion can be seriously affected, for better or worse, by the condition of your teeth? If you can’t chew properly, you may select a soft diet lacking essential nutrients – or your digestive system may have to work extra hard.

Are You Embarrassed By your Smile?
Your smile says a lot about you. A smile says you are you happy and confident? But if you are unahppy with your teeth, your smile could be saying just the opposite. If you have missing, discolored or crooked teeth you know the pain and embarrassment that it causes. You won't smile for family photos. You lose touch with the people around you. You are often embarrassed in social situations. Is your smile all that you'd like it to be or do you wish you could change something about it?

We can solve your problem, often in just one visit, using the latest advances in Cosmetic Dentistry.



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